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  1. battery forklift characteristics and market analysis

  Battery forklift has energy conversion, high efficiency, low noise, no emissions, easy to control and so on merit, in workshops, warehouses, and other environmental conditions where food has been widely used.

  With awareness of the dangers of environmental pollution, environmental protection has become the focus of the world of common concern, so battery forklift in a dominant market position, low noise, no emissions. Battery forklift has broken through the limitations of working only for small tonnage, gradually from indoor to outdoor, gradually rising market demand.

  Drive motor and electric control development direction from DC to AC. Using alternating current control can increase productivity, speed up production, can increase the speed of the vehicle and the door frame in unison speed, low energy consumption in the same situation, you can extend battery life. In addition, the brushless AC motor and commutator, does not require regular maintenance, and operating costs will be reduced.

  Moving to the electronic steering system. Traditional battery forklift steering system with mechanical steering or hydraulic power steering. Disadvantages mechanical steering is: manipulation of force, resulting in fatigue of personnel to operate and disadvantages of hydraulic power steering is a waste of energy. Electronic steering control force is not only small, but also energy-efficient hydraulic power steering.

  As the operator of the handling comfort increasingly high demand, integrated manipulation has become the narrative development, and integration of manipulation is to use a joystick to complete battery forklift work.

  2.Is the number of meters working height?

  Platform lifting height plus operator hands reach the heights, is the maximum working height.

  3. What kinds of power equipment?

  Dragon Tower powered aerial work platforms in the form of a three-phase AC power supply included (AC380V), single-phase AC power supply (AC220V), DC power supply (DC), AC and DC (AC / DC) and internal combustion power, suitable for different workplace.

  4. the device is required in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food industry to use?

  Comes to whether you need proof equipment, cold storage modification.

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