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Dragon Tower machinery will always give top priority to the interests of customers, always adhere to customer satisfaction, quickly and effectively deal with the views of users, to warm, efficient service attitude for users to solve problems. Strictly enforce safety rules, compliance with the safety management system, maintenance engineers, customers regularly conduct various training maintenance personnel safety and operational skills for employment, security, services, and other benefits by. Scientific and standardized maintenance work processes, improve efficiency, and ensure the quality of maintenance. Customers, Dragon Tower machinery commitments:

From the date of purchase provided four times since returning service within one year warranty, and keep abreast of the needs of customers, to provide better service for customers.

From the date of invoice for customers with one-year on-site service and lifetime free telephone technical support services.

After exceeding one year warranty replacement parts at the lowest discount price for customer replaceable parts, such as the replacement of parts beyond the market price of similar parts will provide customers refund the difference.

From the date the customer receives the product of between one year warranty and maintenance engineers offer a free home of the product system, a comprehensive examination, a rigorous examination of the product usage and problems.

After receiving repair service center telephone, within 30 minutes to provide customers with solutions. For on-site service, maintenance engineer will be the first at the scene.

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